Our company's mission is to serve as a bridge between Japan and Thailand, contributing to the economic development of both countries. We are committed to assisting Japanese companies in conducting their business activities smoothly in Thailand. TOYO Business Group provides comprehensive support for ensuring stable operations and preemptive measures to prevent issues in Thai businesses.


Company establishment registration
We will provide a prompt service ensuring compliance for the establishment registration of your company's Thai subsidiary (local entity, representative office, etc.). All registration documents will be translated into Japanese.
Monthly Business Support during Business Establishment
Support for Independent Operations and Labor Management after Company Establishment.
Legal Support
We provide support for legal issues faced by individuals and corporations in Thailand, including issues related to business management, various regulations, labor laws, as well as civil and criminal litigation. Additionally, we offer services such as confirming various legal regulations, checking, amending, and drafting contracts, and providing second opinions.
Visa and Work Permit Application
We provide support for the application and renewal of visas (permission for entry and stay) and work permits (permission to work) that are essential for foreigners to stay and work in Thailand. We also assist with dependent family visas.
We provide support for a range of BOI-related services, including consultations and applications, obtaining investment promotion certificates, as well as assisting with the necessary setup for commencing operations after obtaining the promotion certificate, and conducting practical seminars for your company's staff.
External Reporting Channel for Internal Whistleblowing
This is an external reporting channel for Thai employees to report concerns related to internal misconduct, compliance with employment rules and various regulations, harassment, and other compliance matters. Additionally, Japanese management can send direct messages to Thai employees.


We provide expert corporate diagnosis through legal due diligence and financial and tax due diligence based on various laws, regulations, and notices. If any risks or problems are discovered, we will propose solutions. We also provide solutions for general business management issues such as personnel and labor affairs, legal affairs, and accounting for Thai companies.


In order to reduce the risk of Thai partners, which is the main cause of trouble when expanding into Thailand, we invest our own capital as a management partner on the Thai side. We provide your company with a safe, secure, and stable management.


We provide not only annual accounting audits, but also semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly audit services. Our Thai CPAs and Japanese experts will support you in understanding your company's accounting and management problems, presenting improvement plans, and providing accounting audit services that meet your needs.


We will work in coordination with Japan to provide total coordination for logistics operations between Japan and Thailand. We will also support the import procedures for facilities and machinery into Thailand. We offer assistance for Japanese companies importing into Thailand and Thai companies exporting to Japan.