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- As a bridge between Japan and Thailand -

TOYO Business Group

About us

Since 1977, our company has been providing support services to facilitate the smooth operations of Japanese government agencies in Thailand, including the Embassy of Japan in Thailand, as well as independent administrative agencies such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). After taking on the management of JICA's new office building in 1985, we have been working as an exclusive support unit for JICA's back-end operations. Starting from 2011, we expanded our support services to private enterprises as well.

With the mission of contributing to the economic development of both Japan and Thailand as a bridge between the two countries, we are dedicated to assisting Japanese companies entering or already established in Thailand in overcoming obstacles related to laws, business customs, and other concerns, enabling them to conduct their business smoothly in Thailand.

We sincerely hope for the success of your company's endeavors in Thailand.


We value the spirit of mutual assistance, and from a humanitarian and moral standpoint, we will contribute to the realization of lasting social peace for the sake of each other's descendants.


Aim to realize a community of values that recognizes the spirit of mutual recognition of human differences, complementing and helping each other as the common good, regardless of race, nationality, or religion.


As a bridge between Japan and Thailand, we will contribute to the lasting development of both countries by supporting activities in which both countries help each other.